What to know about Apple Pay, the new Apple Pay mobile app

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Apple Pay is an app on iPhones that allows you to pay for things at your local Apple Store using an Apple Watch or Apple Pay credit card.

Apple Pay requires that you use an Apple ID to make a payment.

Apple has been trying to make the mobile payment process easier to use for a while now, and it’s looking to bring that experience to iPhones and iPads in the near future.

In an interview with TechCrunch’s Jitendra Singh , Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple is working on a “mobile payment framework” that will be available to developers “as soon as it can.”

This is an important step in the evolution of Apple Pay from a standalone payment app to one that can work on phones, iPads, and Macs.

Cook added that Apple Pay “will be available for iPhone and iPad users to try as soon as we can.”

That means that Apple’s iPhone Pay app won’t be available until at least September.

Here are some of the major changes Apple is making to the mobile payments experience that we can expect in the next few months:The most important new feature is the ability to make payment using Apple Pay on iOS.

Apple says that Apple Wallet, the company’s digital wallet for iPhones, will become available to users on September 12.

Users can now make payment with the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

The Touch ID scanner on the iPhone is the fingerprint reader that you would find on a credit card reader.

Apple will be able to add new Apple Wallet-compatible payment methods such as Apple Pay Direct, Apple Pay by SMS, Apple Wallet for Paypal, and Apple Pay with QR codes.

In the past, the only way to pay using Apple Wallet was through Apple Pay direct payment on the phone, but that is no longer the case.

In order to pay with Apple Pay directly on a phone, Apple will have to use Apple Pay QR codes that can be scanned by the iPhone Touch ID sensor on the wallet.

The QR codes can be purchased from Apple’s online store.

Apple also says that the Touch ID reader on the new iPhone will work with the new NFC payment method that the company is launching in September, called NFC-E.

NFC-X, for those who don’t know, is a new version of Apple’s mobile payment system that will allow iPhone users to pay online with the NFC technology.

NFCX is designed to work with iPhone 4S and newer smartphones.

If you are using a smartphone that doesn’t support NFC-T, you’ll need to buy an adapter for the new mobile payment method to work.

The other big new feature in Apple Pay’s mobile payments app is the new “Business Search” option that lets you search for a business online by entering a search term.

Apple plans to release more details about the new Business Search in the coming weeks.

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