How to start a business in Ontario

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The province has announced it is closing more than 20 “unacceptable” job sites, but some are still being staffed.

One of those, the University of Waterloo, is still hiring.

“The university is currently facing a staffing crisis and has not been able to provide full-time faculty to support all of its students,” said a statement issued by the university.

“Due to this, the university is closing a number of unacceptable sites to enable full-staffed positions to be filled at a pace of approximately 20 to 25 per month.”

“We will not be offering appointments for those positions at this time.”

The closures are being imposed “with the full support and understanding of the university,” the statement continued.

It is not clear why the university has closed certain sites.

The university’s website also lists some of the sites it is “operating” in Ontario: the University at Albany, the Canadian School of Economics, the School of Engineering and Technology, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and Public Policy, the College of Engineering, the Royal College of Art, the Institute of Chartered Accountants, the York University School of Business, and the University Health Network.

It said the closures are necessary to allow for the hiring of full-timers.

“We have to close our doors to ensure our faculty are able to support our students and staff in this challenging time,” said the statement.

“There are still opportunities to fill those positions and the university will be providing additional information as it becomes available.”

The university says the closures will help ensure students are “safe, secure and supported” while the university investigates the cause of the problem.

Ontario’s job vacancy rate, currently 3.7 per cent, is below the national average of 6.6 per cent.

It has also dropped to its lowest level since at least the mid-1990s.

It fell to 3.6 in November 2016, down from 3.8 in July 2016.

The Ontario Employment Insurance Agency said it has received 2,800 applications for temporary positions at the university since October.

In the last year, applications have jumped to 3,500.

The University of Ottawa is also experiencing a staffing problem.

About 2,000 of its faculty members are being laid off, according to the university’s media release.

University of Toronto spokesman Daniel Janssen said that the university currently employs about 5,000 full- and part-time employees.

Jansen said there are “no changes” planned for the university this year, but that it is in discussions with the government to help with staffing needs.

The statement from the university says there will be no layoffs this fall, but there will still be cuts to departmental budgets, including those for undergraduate students.

The federal government has pledged to increase the funding to universities, but it has not yet committed to any changes to how Ontario spends its $3.5-billion annual operating budget.

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