Why are Delaware businesses suffering from a shortage of business relief?

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Small businesses are often understaffed.

A lack of business letters, tax returns and other documents is often a cause for concern.

The National Small Business Administration says Delaware businesses are understaffing by 20 percent, and it has been blamed for contributing to the state’s $14 billion budget shortfall.

But a new survey conducted by a non-profit group says Delaware is not doing enough to ease the strain.

“We know that when businesses are not able to fill their vacancies, they don’t have the resources to continue to grow,” said John Cavanaugh, president and CEO of Delaware Small Business Coalition.

“Delaware small businesses are suffering as a result of this problem.

It’s been an issue for many years.”

The survey found that nearly half of Delaware small businesses say they have been unable to find enough staff to help fill their vacant positions.

The survey was conducted by the Delaware Small and Mature Business Association, a nonprofit organization that advocates for small businesses.

It asked about 2,000 small business owners and business owners of other types to rate their state’s small business recovery efforts and how they are feeling about the state.

The group also asked small businesses to provide the state with their current payrolls, their cash on hand, and their business inventory.

The results showed a clear trend.

Delaware is facing a shortage.

Only 4 percent of small business leaders and about 1 in 5 small business owner surveyed said they are currently able to meet the needs of their small business, according to the survey.

About 20 percent of businesses reported having too few employees.

About 30 percent of business owners said they were unable to hire staff because of the budget cuts.

About 35 percent of respondents said they have had to increase the number of employees or cut back on their payrolls because of budget cuts or a shortage in staffing.

The data also showed that Delaware was not doing a good job of hiring and retaining employees.

More than 1 in 6 small businesses said they did not hire enough staff or raise wages for workers.

About 4 in 10 small businesses did not have enough qualified employees, according the survey, which was conducted online.

In addition, nearly one in five respondents said their state was facing a “staff shortage.”

The lack of staff was the most common complaint by small businesses across the state, according a survey conducted in May by the Small Business Association of Delaware.

Many of the business owners cited the state government as the main cause of their shortage of staff, the survey showed.

The state’s workforce was reduced by almost half since 2009, and the average annual wage for workers in the Delaware small business sector dropped by more than $6,000, the report found.

The study also found that about half of all small businesses surveyed did not provide any sort of payroll or tax return information to the State Department of Revenue.

The Department of Finance, which manages Delaware’s budget, did not respond to an email seeking comment.

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer at the Delaware Department of Commerce said in an email that it has “a long-standing policy that does not require business owners to provide information regarding payroll or taxes to the Department.”

The department did not answer questions about how many Delaware businesses have been in financial distress and the reasons for this.

The governor of Delaware, Andrew Cuomo, said in a statement that he will announce a plan to address the state of Delaware’s small businesses by June 1.

“As we begin to address our budget challenges, I will also continue to call on all DelDOT departments to increase our workforce and ensure that all Delaware businesses remain in business,” Cuomo said.

“The Delaware small and midsize businesses that have been suffering over the past several years are a testament to how hard it is to make ends meet.

I will continue to work to ensure that the Delaware economy can continue to thrive.”

More stories about small businesses:Small businesses are also understaff at some other businesses in Delaware, such as retail.

According to the small business coalition’s survey, about 4 in 5 Delaware businesses do not have any employees.

The most common reason for not having employees was a lack of payroll.

The median wage for a Delaware employee is $24.25 per hour, according this survey.

The largest group of employers with workers with no payroll are restaurants, followed by retail and small businesses, the coalition said.

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