Disney, Marvel and Pixar join forces for a new Disney-Pixar animated series

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Disney, Pixar and Marvel are teaming up for a brand new animated series.

The project is titled “The Last Witch Hunter,” which will premiere on Disney XD in 2018.

The series will be a spin-off from the popular Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” that will focus on the story of a young witch hunter.

The first season will focus more on the life of the witch hunter in her childhood and adulthood, and will focus less on her family and community.

The show will also focus on a young woman who is part of the team, who has a deep connection to the magical world of the magical forest.

The cast includes the likes of Tom Kenny, Emily Blunt, Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman, Jussie Smollett and Sofia Boutella.

The new series will debut in 2018 on Disney Channel. 

ABC and CBS are also planning to air “The Witch Hunter” and other new Disney XD series.

ABC has not yet announced the premiere date for the new series. 

The new “The Witches of the Witch’s Tale” series is set in the magical realm of Oz, where a witch hunter named Witch Hazel is searching for her missing husband.

A young witch named Maleficent, who is a part of a magical clan of witches, appears to have an affair with her husband, and is forced to flee the world of Oz.

The two eventually become embroiled in a war between the evil wizard King Triton and the young witch Maleficient. 

 The Disney XD-produced series will follow the young woman’s journey through life as she grows into adulthood. 

It is unclear whether the new Disney Channel series will continue the adventures of Maleficant or if the witch will find a new husband.

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