‘This is the future’: Women wear the perfect business attire

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Business attire is trending again in California after Gov.

Gavin Newsom signed a bill this week that will require businesses to include female employees in their uniform designs.

But the legislation was delayed by the U.S. Supreme Court, which struck down the state’s mandatory “sex neutral” policy last year.

So, women are still going to wear business attire to work, but it’s not what most employers are looking for, according to a recent survey of business owners.

Businesses across the state are also seeing an increase in business attire in recent months.

One in four employees at large companies said they have worn business attire at work in the past month, up from one in five a year ago, according a survey by the California Association of Business.

The increase is likely due to the popularity of “business wear” in recent years, said Christine Smith, a spokeswoman for the California Business Association.

It’s a lot more inclusive and allows women to do their job, she said.

Employers are also using it to target employees who are at risk of sexual assault, Smith said.

Some of the best ways for businesses to accommodate women are to create policies that reflect a diverse group of employees, including people of color, women of all ages, people with disabilities and people who are sexually harassed, Smith added.

California has some of the strictest workplace policies in the nation, and Gov.

Newsom has tried to keep the law on track by making some of them gender neutral.

The bill, which Gov.

Jerry Brown signed into law Tuesday, requires all businesses in the state to include at least one employee in their business uniform.

It also requires companies to adopt policies that include gender neutral clothing and to provide support services for employees who don’t have a gender-neutral uniform.

For businesses that are located within a city or town, the state also requires employers to include a gender neutral bathroom, which includes a separate space for women and men.

The law does not cover private businesses.

The change could make a difference in how many women are employed in California, said Jennifer Tansill, director of the business and economic development program at the liberal-leaning California Center for Policy Research.

It could make women more visible in the workplace, she added.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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