When you’re ready to apply to a job at a Fortune 500 company: How to choose an online business degree

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A job seeker looking to start a business should understand how to apply for a degree, said John Gartland, the former CEO of a large American corporation who runs an online job site.

“You need to know how to read resumes,” said Gartam, who teaches online business degrees at the University of Alberta.

“It’s really important to be able to present yourself in a good way, in a professional manner.”

Gartam is a frequent speaker at online job forums, and he also hosts a podcast called The Big Deal with host Mark Prentice.

He says the best way to become a business person online is to get a degree.

“Start by applying online,” Gartham said.

“Then apply for jobs that are on the job site.”

How to get your online degreeIf you want to get an online degree at a major university, you can apply to the program in person.

Gartland said some of the best courses on the site are the Business Business School, which can be accredited to a maximum of 90 per cent of students.

“They’re teaching the fundamentals of business, including the theory of economics, business strategy, business law and how to work with others in a team,” Gardam said.

“If you’ve got the basic knowledge, it’s a great way to get on the ladder of success.”

Gardam, whose company, Big Deal.com, has over 12,000 employees, said most online business programs require you to take online classes before you can graduate.

Gardham said he often recommends starting online courses in the fall and working toward an online bachelor’s degree in the spring.GARTAM’S NEW BOOK: Business Basics, Part 1: How do you become a successful entrepreneur?

If you’re looking to learn more about a business and want to learn how to become one, Gartman said he recommends reading about how businesspeople think.

“That’s how you learn to think critically,” Gartsam said, “what you’re doing every day, what you’re thinking about, how you approach things.”GARTHAM SAYS: Business Business: How does an entrepreneur make money?

The Big Deal has been a success, Gartsham said, and there’s a growing list of online business schools offering bachelor’s degrees in business.

“We’ve got a growing number of them, and they’re growing very rapidly,” he said.

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