Why you should get the job: When you need the job

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As the summer gets underway, the economy is still in a slow-growth phase, but economists are now talking about what will happen when the recession ends.

In the coming months, they’ll be looking at what the economy can expect from governments and businesses during that time.

A lot depends on the outcome of the election.

The Conservatives are looking to secure the support of voters who are worried about the economy.

That could be a difficult task.

The Liberals are looking for people who want to see a more competitive economy.

Both are hoping to win the majority in the fall election, which could mean that they can pass the legislation they need to pass their tax changes, which would be a major boost to the economy, and which would put them in a better position to negotiate an election-deciding deal.

The first of these scenarios could be the Conservatives winning a majority government in 2019.

That would give them an immediate boost to growth.

The second scenario, which is the one the Liberals are hoping for, involves the Liberals and the Conservatives not being able to agree on a budget.

This is a bit of a pipe dream.

It’s also the only scenario that would give the Conservatives a majority.

The next phase of the economy will be about the trade balance, which has been one of the few bright spots in the economy in the past couple of years.

The economy grew 1.7 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2017, which was faster than the 1.1 per cent growth seen during the first three quarters of 2017.

This means the economy has grown faster than its growth rate in the last couple of decades, which meant the country was able to pass the fiscal cliff.

The trade balance will be one of those areas that people will look at closely during the next couple of months.

It is also one of many that could be affected by the election, as the country is also facing a slowdown in global demand.

Economists are expecting the economy to be weaker than it was in 2016, and a big chunk of that will be due to a slowing in China.

In addition, the global economy is starting to slow down and many countries are beginning to see job losses.

Canada’s economy grew by 2.9 per cent last year, according to Statistics Canada.

With a weaker global economy, we’re going to see that slowing down a lot.

It means that we’ll be seeing fewer jobs in Canada, and also more jobs in other parts of the world.

This has already happened in some parts of Europe, such as in the Netherlands and Italy.

We also are seeing some of that slowdown happening in the U.S., but that’s also still happening.

We are starting to see the effects of the global slowdown, and that is going to be reflected in the jobs numbers that are coming out.

The federal government’s jobs report is out today, and it shows that jobs are continuing to increase across the country.

The biggest gainers, however, are in the manufacturing sector, with gains of 5.7, 7.2 and 7.8 per cent.

Manufacturing has been a huge beneficiary of the economic boom, with a gain of nearly 2.7 percentage points since the start of the year.

Canada has been the largest contributor to the global trade balance.

That’s a big boost to our economy, but also an important contributor to Canada’s exports.

We need to be careful when we talk about what we want to do with the trade deficit.

That is the main driver of the national debt, and we have to be very careful with what we say and do about the balance of trade.

With the election coming up, the next two years will be crucial.

If we’re looking at a stronger economy, a weaker trade deficit and a more dynamic economy, the federal government has a lot of work to do to build up a stronger, more competitive Canadian economy.

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