How to keep your business sign in shape

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Businesses are trying to keep their business signs in good condition after they were vandalised with anti-Semitic graffiti.

Here’s what you need to know.


How to prevent graffiti and vandalism from happening again?

Business owners and managers should take the following steps:• Take extra precautions to ensure your business signs and logos are not vandalised, damaged or damaged by someone who is not your employee or contractor.• Never use any type of graffiti, especially anti-Jewish graffiti.• Use a spray-on paint that does not damage your business or property.• Keep your business signage as current as possible.• Get help from a certified graffiti removal professional.• Check with the local council if there is a specific code of practice for graffiti removal in your area.2.

How can businesses get in touch with the council if they need assistance with graffiti removal?• You can contact the local authority for advice on how to deal with graffiti and/or vandalism.• You may also contact your local council and ask them to look into your business’s graffiti and make sure it has been cleaned up.• Call the council to ask about the graffiti removal procedures and if there are any issues with graffiti.3.

What can I do if I am concerned about graffiti on my property?• If you or your business is affected by graffiti or vandalism and have questions about the law, please contact the council’s graffiti removal team on 0800 656 590.• The graffiti removal contact details are listed on your business licence and you can contact them on 0300 936 866 to find out how to contact the team.• If your business has received graffiti on your property and you think it may be a hate crime, contact Crimestoppers on 0808 800 007.4.

How do I find out what businesses in my area are affected by hate crime?• Contact your local police and crime intelligence team to find what businesses are affected and what measures are being taken to protect them.• Read about hate crime in your local community and how to report it.• Contact Crimestomp on 020 7227 8888 to report a hate-related crime.5.

What advice can I give my employees about how to protect their business?• Employees should always follow the graffiti and other vandalism prevention measures outlined in the graffiti management guidelines.• Make sure your employees know how to recognise signs of vandalism.

If you have a workplace policy that requires you to remove graffiti and anti-Semitism, make sure you are following that policy.• Employees need to ensure that their business is visible and visible at all times.• Ensure that you are always vigilant about anti-social behaviour.• Avoid graffiti and graffiti vandalism.6.

What are the best ways to protect your business?

If you or anyone else is affected, you may want to talk to someone who can help you.• Ask your business owner for advice.• Speak to your local authority to find any restrictions on graffiti removal.• Take steps to help protect your property.7.

What is the legal advice I should be getting?• Crimestop can offer legal advice about the relevant legislation and legislation and its interpretation.• Crimiestop has a comprehensive range of business protection services available, including criminal law, civil law and business law.• Crime intelligence officers have the power to investigate criminal cases.8.

What if I don’t want to use Crimestops services?• There are no charges for not using Crimestopp’s services.

However, Crimestopp is not responsible for your business, nor can Crimestoplants provide advice or advice to others.• Please note that Crimestopped services are not available if your business does not have an agreement with Crimestopping, the local authorities or the police.• Your local council can give you information about the current state of crime in their area.9.

Do I need to get a licence or a business registration to open a business?

Crimestoppers will only take action if you have an approved business licence or an approved Business Registration.

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