Women in Business: The Truth About The Business Of Business and the Secrets That Matter to You

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This article is part of the New York Post series “The Secrets You Don’t Know About Business,” which focuses on women in business and offers the best stories of the week.

This week, the women of business discuss:What is a woman’s job?

What is your job as a woman in business?

How can a woman find the best work?

What are some of the most common barriers women face in their career?

How do you find the right partner?

What do I need to be successful?

How much money can I expect to make?

Why does a woman need to earn $50,000 a year?

How does a man’s career differ from a woman?

Why do some women find the idea of a career so appealing?

Why is it so important to focus on women?

What makes a woman successful?

What does it take to make a woman succeed?

How are women different from men?

What can a man learn from women in the workplace?

What advice can women give to others?

What should women be proud of?

What would you do if you were an employee of a business?

What if you found out that your boss was a woman who earned $50 million a year and your boss had never heard of you?

How would you respond?

How did you find out?

What happens if you can’t find work?

Are there rules to how women are treated at work?

How do you stay on track?

What might be a good time to tell your boss that you can no longer work for her?

What other things do women need to work on to keep their careers?

What’s the best way to make friends in the business world?

What has your experience been like in the world of business?

Who are the biggest challenges in business for women?

What do you need to do to build your career?

What advice do you have for women seeking a career in the office?

What lessons do you want to learn in your future career?

What skills do women find most difficult in their careers, and why?

What will it take for you to find your own path?

How will you feel if you aren’t hired?

What are the best ways to find and keep a job?

How to be an independent thinker.

How to build a career.

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